This blog is for at-home coffee enthusiasts who want to level up their coffee game.

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This blog is written by Ira, a former product manager turned coffee barista.

When I was a product manager, I used to come into the office on Friday mornings to use our fancy grinder and scribble tasting notes into my notebook. As I grew into more senior positions, I discontinued this practice, because I was getting busier and busier and my meetings started earlier and earlier.

While I had the money to buy whatever coffees I wanted, I never had the time to taste coffees, to explore the art and science behind brewing and roasting coffees.

Now that I’ve dedicated the last two years of my life to learning about coffee, this is blog and newsletter are a time capsule to my younger self, a library of all the knowledge I wish I had known back when I was scribbling tasting notes into a notebook all those years ago.

-- Ira

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